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Town Board Budget Hearing Nov. 11, 2014

Regular Town Board Meeting Nov. 11, 2014  segmented

Zoning Board of Appeals - Variance Hearing Hutchinson RD. Oct. 28, 2014

Planning Board Meeting - October 15, 2014 Gernatt request permit modifications.

Town Board Meeting - October 9, 2014  segmented

Town Board Public Hearing Rezoning request re: Hutchinson Road Ė June 12, 2014

 Regular Town Board Meeting - June 12, 2014   Segmented

Sardinia Town Board Meeting April 11, 2013

Audio recordings of official meetings of the Sardinia government Boards are courtesy of Some are presented in segmented form to facilitate use.  Video recordings are also available. Contact:


Town Board Budget Hearing   Nov. 11, 2014

Regular Town Board Meeting Nov. 11, 2014  segmented

    Meeting opening

    Approval of minutes

    Pay Bills   


    Committee Reports

        Dave Mongomery - street lights, rabies clinic, flue clinic, Sr. dinnner, complaint

        Len Hochadale - springville control center

        Cheryl  - Rec committee report

        Highway superinintendant Hopkins Report

       Attorney Report - Diamond Saw

        Attorney Report - Local law overturn, subpoena records, auditor critical, reported unconstitutional

        2015 Budget Approval

        Rupert Property

        Disaster Preparedness Plan

        Facilities Use - Little League, CS Baseball, gym rental

        Executive Session

        Close Meeting


Planning Board Meeting - October 15, 2014

Planning Board considers request for mining permit modifications by Gernatt Gable-Thomas site. Audio is 1 hour including statements by Town Attorney, presentation by Gernatt representatives, and planning board questions.

Town Board Meeting - October 9, 2014  segmented

Meeting Opening, approval of minutes

Pay the Bills  

Board Member Reports:

Dave Montgomery

Doug Morrell


Len Hockadale

Supervisor Report - Announce Special Hearing CDBG October 27, 10 AM; Landbank action re: Rupert property; and more

Highway Superintendent Report

Selection of Town Engineer

Appointment to positions:  Part Time Cleaner, Constable.

Fund Transfers

Board discusses request by Gernatt to modify mining permit at the Gabel Thomas site. Supervisor Recuses herself from participation for potential conflict of interest.  Remarks by Town Attorney, Gernatt representatives, and Board Members. Request referred to Planning Board for input.

County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw addressed the community.    

Town Board Meeting Online Ė June 12, 2014

Public Hearing Rezoning request for Hutchinson Road Project

 Regular Town Board Meeting - June 12, 2014   Segmented

Call to order, pledge, approve bills

Dipietro representative presentation  honoring Town Clerk

Committee Reports:

`            Councilman Montgomery    Attended a meeting about FEMA, coal tar in drive way sealants,                  Senior Citizens request $3,500 for field trip in August.

Councilman Montgomery requested a resolution banning smoking, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs including medical marijuana in the Town Park punishable by a $1,000 fine. Councilman Earl made the motion to adopt which was seconded by Mongomery. The proposal was defeated after spirited exchange.

Mongomery reported on Lake Erie Water survey and requested joint meeting with planning board.

Councilman Morrel reported need to fix elevator in community center.  A lengthy discussion regarding awarding bids and the procurement policy ensued.

                Councilman Earl reported on summer recreation and pool activities, Town Wide Garage Sale, admittance rates were established which will now apply to kiddie pool users. Registration for summer recreation is in process.

                Councilman Hochedale reported on new signs, and reminded public of dates of firemenís carnival and encouraged support.

Supervisor Report

                Supervisor reported action on Rupert property. Supervisor report receipt of Firemenís report,  audit, and other communications. The Chaffee and Sardinia Post offices will hold public informational meetings regarding reduced services.

                Supervisor reported Cooperative Extension program for new farmers. Repair of Genesee Road bridge has been coordinated to not interfere with Firemenís parade.

                Supervisor reported a comparison of current attorney bills previous attorney showed a reduction of $22,000 at this period of the budget. Supervisor requested purchasing commemorative base balls for little league. Councilman Montgomery  expressed agitation at the attorney fees comparison, and Councilman Earl commented about not receiving financial reports. The Supervisor reported problems with the accounting software. Approval was granted to purchase balls.

Highway Superintendant Report

                Hopkins reported upgrades and needs in the park, signage, sold scrap, need to repair/replace heating system at Town barn, planned highway improvements,

Supervisor reported total bills submitted for the month to be paid. Motion to pay passed 4-1 with councilman Earl opposed because she has not received financial reports.

Town approved new positions for life guards, and helper for highway department.

Supervisor reported journal adjustments needed to close out last yearís financial reports due to computer problems.

Highway Superintendent discussed new truck purchase procedures.

New procurement policy was discussed and approved.

Motion was passed to allow Highway Superintendant to purchase pickup truck.


Sardinia Town Board Meeting April 11, 2013

    Call to Order

    Monthly Reports:


            Doug Morrell, Dave Mongomery   


    Attorney Report - Waste Management Host agreement  ammendment, Law suit, Fire Co contract, abandoned property, Hutchinson Rd. project

    Public Comment:

            John Schiener- Respond to April TB report regarding contract negotiations

            Mike Hannon - Respond to Mr. Schiener

    Approval of the Bills

    Unfinished Business - WM Valley fill

    Fire Company Contract

    Life Guard approval

    New Business- Environmental Committee appointment, ZBA alternate appointment

    Audits Received

    Drug Box

    Fire Company Related

    Linda Miller - Senior Trip

    Chaffee Baptist Church request park use    


    April 2013 Town Board Meeting  ALL  43 minutes



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